SICAB, International P.R.E. Horse Fair
:: SICAB 2013 General Information

SICAB 2014 will be held between the 2nd and 7th of December.

:: SICAB Program

[PDF] 2014 SICAB Program


Detailed information about ticket prices for SICAB 2014 is provided below: Fair Grounds:
General entrance ticket from Tuesday to Sunday: €12
Half-day ticket, as of 4 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: €8
Wednesday: €12
Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday: €15
Saturday night: €18


Once again, we have an agreement with the El Corte Inglés travel agency to handle all SICAB hotel reservations.  Information with the prices of all available hotels will be included herein.

[WEB] Exclusive Accommofation Rates 2014


Annually, SICAB prepares an official catalog where all those stud farms who so desire may contract publicity. The deadline to request publicity and to send in all original texts/photos is Wednesday, the 5th of November. Included herein is the request form for Catalog publicity; please fill out the form and send it back to the ANCCE office. This request form indicates the current fees for publicity this year.

Remember, there is limited publicity space. If you are interested, it is best to reserve now!

[PDF] SICAB 2014 Catalog


This year, the location of breeders’ stands will be in Pavilion 1, the same as last year, where there will also be an arena for mares. Acciona de Producciones y Diseño is responsible for the set up.

A basic modular stand (4 m. x 4 m.) includes the following furnishings in the basic price: one round table, four chairs, a counter and one stool. These furnishing are established for every 16 square meters contracted; therefore, if you have a 32 square meter stand, it would include double the amount of furniture. Subsequent multiples of 16 increase accordingly. If you prefer to have a stand with your own design, or need additional furniture, storage area, water connection, division walls or any other service, please contact Acciona de Producciones y Diseño. Your contact there is Elia Pérez and her phone number is +34-955-464-150. In any case, the actual surface area rented for the stand is to be paid to ANCCE.

The deadline for contracting a stand is Thursday, the 30th of October, 2014. To formalize your reservation, you must fill out the form—included herein—and make the corresponding €600 deposit.

Priority to select a location within the Pavilion will be given to breeders who have had a stand at previous editions.

The amount deposited formalizes the reservation. In all cases, the deposit should be made to the ANCCE at La Caixa (Bank) with account number ES98 2100 2320 5502 0016 8822 (SWIFT Code: CAIXESBBXXX). Remember, should there be a cancellation after the October 30, 2013 deadline, the organizers will not return this deposit.

All specifications for setting up stands, schedules and general use are specified in the Breeder Stand Contract, which will be sent in due course. The prices for Full Members are the same as in 2013. Two-floor stands are not allowed, nor any stand that is elevated above floor level. Maximum surface area available per stud farm is eighty square meters (80 m2).

[PDF] Breeder Stand Reservation Form for SICAB 2014

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