SICAB, International PRE Horse Fair

General Information


For now, if and when the heath care authorities do not prevent the event, the ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage and Young Horse Selection Test Final will be held from the 7th to the 10th of October, while the World Purebred Spanish Horse Championship, together with the rest of the disciplines will run from the 13th to the 18th of October.

7 - 10 OCTOBER  ► ANCCE Cup Final for Dressage and Young Horse Selection Test Final

13 - 18  OCTOBER ► World Purebred Spanish Horse Championship, Working Equitation and Spanish High School.

ccess will be provided for those breeders participating at a given time, with participation-based limitations; details will be provided in due course. Each breeder, groom, presenter, rider, etc. must be identified at all times. Said credential must be visible to access FIBES facilities. Inappropriate use of one’s credential will lead to inmate eviction from the ground of the errant person.

Regarding the general public, ANCCE will provide the Sevilla City Hall with 500 valid invitations for each day of the event.City Hall will distribute these invitations as seen fit. It is noteworthy to mention that these invitations have been provided at previous editions, and less than 40% are even used, despite the fact that they include free access to the Show. With this year’s situation and the reduced activities, it is more than probable that the number of visitors will be reduced even more; in which case, we would be talking about some 100 people daily.

In Pavilion 1, there will be no stands except the ANCCE stand, which will only be a meeting place where a poster will indicate specific events. As well as this stand, the only other stands will be those of sponsors. Eating and drinking in the stand together with the congregations of breeders is prohibited; commercial transactions are allowed.The PRE Stud Book stand will also be housed in this pavilion, together with the ANCCE administration offices and the area used for live broadcasts. This latter has been reinforced for the various SICAB competitions.

Pavilion 2 will house the commercial stands. Being that this year’s edition will lack the visit of the general public, only six to eight (6 to 8) stands—those directly linked to the world of horses and riding—will be allowed, as mostly breeders will be on hand, who are their main customers.


All catering services will be located outdoors in the parking area where the marquee that traditionally housed mares stood, and in Triangle 1.

- Pavilions 1 and 2.
- Each of these pavilions will have a 65 x 25 meter, Geotextile arena.
- An outdoor, Geotextile warm-up arena in Triangle 1, measuring 40 x 20 meters.
- An indoor, fine sand and sawdust arena behind Pavilion 1 measuring 30 x 25 meters.
- All horses, whether stallions or mares participating in the event will be housed outside in covered stalls.

The entire perimeter around the arenas will have stands to avoid people standing along the barriers. Both breeders and the general public must remain seated at all times during competitions while at the same time maintaining a safe distance from other spectators, as indicated for SICAB 2020.

In this case, there is a very important fact. ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITIES PROHIBIT CATERING SERVICES IN ALL BOX SEATS. Therefore, this space is reserved solely for those who reserve and pay for a box seat to follow the competitions held in the arena below.
The fee to reserve a box seat has been reduced. Each and every applicant will be contacted individually to confirm the reservation made in July. All box seat owners are granted preference when reserving a table.

The following must be complied with by all those at SICAB:

- Mandatory use of masks, which must be worn correctly.
- Alcoholic beverages inside the pavilions are prohibited.
- Eating food inside the pavilions is prohibited.
- Smoking—whether cigarettes, cigars, pipe or vaping—is prohibited.
- People must maintain social distances while in the stands, as foreseen in the rules, irrespective of such factors as family units.
- Masks will be on sale throughout the grounds.
- Each pavilion will have special containers for solid waste to avoid masks being left around the fair grounds.
- Hand sanitizer stands will be available throughout the grounds.

Failure to comply with these rules will lead to immediate eviction from the premises, including the withdrawal of the corresponding credential, as may be the case. The endangerment of others’ well-being while attending the event is unacceptable. We are living in exceptional times and it is our paramount responsibility to avoid incidents that might jeopardize the image of SICAB and Purebred Spanish Horses.

Masks must be used at all times, even when outdoors; the only exception is when eating in the restaurant areas. Riders and presents may, if they so desire, take off their masks while presenting and riding their horses.

In due course, ANCCE, FIBES and Sevilla City Hall representatives will be meeting with Civil Protection to determine other safety aspects. This information will be shared with all breeders.

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